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Twin Cities Tutors

Northern Stars Tutoring provides individual and small group tutoring services to students of all ages, from pre-school students to graduate school students. Our tutors all hold university degrees; most hold advanced degrees, and all are experienced teachers. Northern Stars tutoring was founded by a classroom teacher who wanted to meet the needs of every single student in every single classroom. To that end, she acquired specialties in working with students with learning differences and/or physical and mental health conditions. We welcome all students with ADD, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, Bipolar Disease, Clinical Depression and Emotional/Behavioral Conditions. We encourage all of our students, regardless of whether they have learning differences to tell us about their learning styles, and every single tutoring session is planned individually to meet the needs of a specific student as he or she works with a specific subjects.

In addition, we have tutors trained to work with students who are gifted and talented and profoundly gifted and talented. We offer specialized curricula for students who are accelerated and wish to take a subject not offered by their school, or not offered at the student's higher level of learning. We often work with home school students whose parents do not feel comfortable teaching a particular subject that a gifted student really wants to learn. We know the differences between gifted and profoundly gifted and can accommodate those who learn rapidly and must have a constant influx of information in one or several subjects.

The areas in which we serve are extensive. Please see the "Our Services" page on this website for our current offerings. Please note, if your area of study is not listed, we might still be able to match you with a tutor. Please inquire via telephone or e-mail if you have a unique tutoring request.

Northern Stars offers the same amenities as national agencies, and we serve the Greater Twin Cities and Saint Croix Valley areas. When you call Northern Stars, you will speak with a human being who has immediate decision making power. Some of our tutors specialize in working with certain age groups. or working with adult students. Others have both theoretical and practical experience. Those tutors who assist with standardized test preparation have nearly always taken the exams for which they are helping students to prepare.

We are eager to find an excellent tutor match for every single prospective student! Once you have found us, you need not spend time looking for other agencies. We shall persevere until you have a tutor from whom you can learn and with whom you feel comfortable.

Please understand that our tutors are education professionals. They do not drive to students' homes, in the same way that doctors, pharmacists and lawyers do not make house calls! Each tutor has one or several places to meet with students, and all students offer at least one public meeting place as an option. Parents are ALWAYS welcome to remain with students during a tutoring session. 

For everyone's safety and well-being our tutors have been screened to determine that they have committed no felonies. In keeping with the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution, other personal information has been left to the privacy of the individual tutors and will not be released.

Initial consultations are free and may be arranged at the mutual conveniences of the prospective student and prospective tutor. Initial consultations last between thirty and ninety minutes and give the student and tutor a chance to determine if they are well matched. Subsequent meetings will be charged at the tutor's hourly rates. Our tutors set their own rates, and most are willing to arrange for family discounts or reduced rates for those who are in a state of fiscal recovery. You may pay Northern Stars Tutoring via PayPal, credit card, cash or check. All checks should be made out to Northern Stars Tutoring. Individual tutors will be paid through our accounting department.

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