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At Northern Stars Tutoring, we have tutors who have extensive experience working with students who are gifted and talented and with students who are profoundly gifted and talented. We are able to offer our gifted students an experience that goes far beyond the majority of classroom learning opportunities. Often, we become a gifted student's official "teacher" for a certain subject in which he or she excels profoundly. For instance, if a second-grader is doing algebra, and his or her school does not offer a math course that meets the needs of the student, one of our tutors will become the student's math teacher, and the parent can either keep the student in a lower math class at school, or declare to the school that the student is being homeschooled in math. 

 In addition, we know that gifted students are easily bored and must receive information constantly, and that tutors must be able to keep up with a barrage of questions when a student becomes infatuated with a new subject! We work with parents and schools to ensure that gifted students are placed in classes that are appropriate to their learning abilities, regardless of the grade level at which the student might be expected to perform. 

Finding programs for gifted and profoundly gifted students can be a challenge. We help families meet these challenges by offering a school search program that includes 30 - 40 hours of research, reporting and appointment setting for visits to the top three schools in the area that will rise to the challenge of a gifted student and allow him or her to thrive.

Giftedness presents itself in countless ways, and our tutors understand that creativity, while not quantifiable, can also be an area of profound giftedness. Our courses in dance, drawing, creative writing, music and other arts give artistic students a chance to go beyond classroom boundaries in their creativity.

Please note that your student need not have been officially declared gifted or profoundly gifted to participate in gifted courses at Northern Stars. While these requirements exist in school districts, we are more flexible and are happy to work with students who are gifted, but do not necessarily have a diagnosis!

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